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holy shit, I would have never thought that.

O_O I got on aim

Posted by Insurmountable on Apr 7, 09 4:45 pm

lol yes. time flys

Posted by synapse on Apr 7, 09 12:22 pm

Are you really 20 0_O

Posted by Insurmountable on Apr 7, 09 1:53 am

How are you?

Posted by Insurmountable on Apr 7, 09 1:53 am

Hey beautiful.

Posted by synapse on Mar 16, 09 2:01 am

what does that mean?

Posted by Insurmountable on Mar 16, 09 1:47 am

hey beau.

Posted by synapse on Mar 14, 09 2:20 pm

Yup :P I have to check what you ppd is.

Posted by synapse on Feb 19, 09 3:17 pm

i have a higher ppd than you.


Did you make your background?

Posted by Insurmountable on Feb 19, 09 3:53 am

lol, picking up my brother from Camp Leugene. So, yeah, we probably could have :P I have your address from the christmas card's topic, but wasn't sure if you were in NY or NC. :P No doubt I'll probably be up there again close to Feb 21st to bring him down for our birthday. :)

Posted by synapse on Jan 9, 09 10:22 pm

=O when and why we're you there. I could have drove and kid napped you and took you out to dinner or something.

Posted by Insurmountable on Jan 9, 09 4:27 pm

High Holly :)

I was in Jacsonville, NC the other day, on our way up we went through a small town called Holly Ridge thought that was pretty ironic.

Posted by synapse on Dec 28, 08 7:41 pm

Yeah its a blackberry curve 8320 I got it free with etrade. Very simple process too. Some of the big lecture classes do online hw.

Posted by synapse on Nov 16, 08 10:27 pm

Oh okay, makes sense now. What kind of blackberry did you get? I got a Iphone a few weeks ago but I returned it yesterday. To many errors and it kept closing out of everything and then the automatic switch thing kept freezing up the phone.

I was disappointed >_>

Aren't you actually at the college though? I don't know if I was paying to move somewhere else to attend school and stuff I wouldn't want online stuff to do. But hey there isn't anything you can do about something like that.

Posted by Insurmountable on Nov 16, 08 4:05 pm

Oh, and my phone bill was high because the regular plan is like $99 for everything, then you have the data plan for blackberry so you can get on the internet, and send MMS, and SMS. Then like, the activation was tacked on there as well.

Posted by synapse on Nov 16, 08 3:33 pm

What's sad is I only have about $87 for Black Friday. Granted I don't spend any money between now and then. I get paid on Black Friday, but I'll still be in New York. So I won't get my paycheck until the 30th, and in the bank on Dec. 1. :/

College is all right, ummm, yeah, the homework is a bit heavy, these teachers giving you online stuff is not as easy as it was for virtual school. But, it's manageable if you stay on top of a schedule. Yeah, I just recently asked my manager for more hours, at lease 30 in a week, and what does she go and do? lol, gives me 3 days, next week, thinking that I can get 10 hours a day because that's what usually happens. I need at least 4 days a week. :/

Posted by synapse on Nov 16, 08 3:31 pm

Well at least you have a steady income, my manager was fired two weeks ago and we have a new one and instead of me getting my regular 16-27 hours a week I'm down to 9 hours. And this new guy is hiring new people and giving them more hours than me! I've been there a fucking year damnit!

So I have to have a good long talk with this new guy.

Anywho, Christmas isn't to far! Get ready because black friday is right around the corner too!

How is college anyway? Liking it so far? I'm sure homework is a pain and work on top of that, but you'll make it through! Why is your phone bill so high o_O?

Posted by Insurmountable on Nov 15, 08 5:48 pm

Christmas is still a little ways away dear.

How is the new COD game? I don't know if you've played it or not, but you work in gamestop, you should have. lol

Yeah, I don't think anything should happen with mentors unless you like don't come on ever.. I really wouldn't see the point.

I'm so bored, I have so much chem hw I have to do today because I work this weekend. I still have to run to the bank to put money into my account to pay my phonebill. Work sucks. lol

Posted by synapse on Nov 14, 08 12:37 pm

well...that's why I'm a mentor and not a staff member. I don't know I actually talked to Rebecca and she said it was fine for me to stay, but I did tell her that if anything happened to e-mail me because I check my e-mail every hour unless I'm working, which I still check it on my phone typically.

How have you been? Ready for Christmas?!

Posted by Insurmountable on Nov 14, 08 1:33 am

Some staff members have questioned your activity. I don't even know why. O_o

Posted by synapse on Nov 13, 08 4:18 pm
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