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Hey! Sorry for the late reply -- I keep forgetting about the CB profile comments thing. I wish it popped up an alert when someone leaves a comment.

Anyway, this reply is a month and a half late, but yeah, I live in Troy now. I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks with personal stuff (friend's wedding, etc.), and I was sick with mononucleosis for a while...but I would have some time to meet up (after this weekend -- I'm going away for the weekend).

Unfortunately I don't play Magic anymore (in fact, I gave away my collection a couple years ago), but I would be up for something else. :)

Posted by mipadi on Aug 13, 09 11:35 am

Hey - have you moved up yet? When are you supposed to start your new job? I'm going to assume in the fall but thought I'd ask anyway :) Do you play Magic? I don't know if Josh asked you by chance, but if you do we'll have to all go play Magic on a friday night at a comic store right in Troy. :)

Posted by Insurmountable on Jun 23, 09 1:24 am
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