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The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace, Faith, The American Dream, Happiness and Love! Join the Revolution. Our Lives are in danger and the majority of us don't even know it. Learn about the New World Order. To learn more watch videos on my profile. Check out and Join the Revolution!!!

Posted by djsuono on Aug 16, 09 8:23 pm · History

Hey! Sorry for the late reply -- I keep forgetting about the CB profile comments thing. I wish it popped up an alert when someone leaves a comment.

Anyway, this reply is a month and a half late, but yeah, I live in Troy now. I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks with personal stuff (friend's wedding, etc.), and I was sick with mononucleosis for a while...but I would have some time to meet up (after this weekend -- I'm going away for the weekend).

Unfortunately I don't play Magic anymore (in fact, I gave away my collection a couple years ago), but I would be up for something else. :)

Posted by mipadi on Aug 13, 09 11:35 am · History

Wow for some reason the track just jumps to the middle of the song! Weird. Srry it scared you! XD

As for my page, yeah, I started a layout, then like a 4th of the way through I just left it alone cause I hardly ever get on here anyway lol.

Posted by smoke on Aug 9, 09 8:43 am · History

I really like your layout promises dont last forever.

Posted by SarahScare on Jun 21, 09 12:40 pm · History

lol yes. time flys

Posted by synapse on Apr 7, 09 12:22 pm · History

Hey beautiful.

Posted by synapse on Mar 16, 09 2:01 am · History

hey beau.

Posted by synapse on Mar 14, 09 2:20 pm · History

haha thank you!

ithought it was funny so thats why i got it..

Posted by Jghelfi on Mar 13, 09 10:59 pm · History

lol I come on here once a week or so when I'm desperate for something to look at :p
i've been good. what have you been up to?

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Mar 12, 09 2:25 am · History


Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Mar 6, 09 1:39 pm · History

I will never apologize for my uglification of the world. We need to have ugliness so that it's opposite is defined.

Posted by bat19 on Mar 4, 09 3:29 pm · History

Yup :P I have to check what you ppd is.

Posted by synapse on Feb 19, 09 3:17 pm · History

Ha, it's all good. I'd be complaining too if I were in your situation! I certainly hope you feel better very soon!

Posted by smoke on Feb 19, 09 4:15 am · History

Yup! I love it though. The new ones are too thin. This ones just right for my big hands. :) Plus 3G, at this point, is just a gimmick and I'm constantly connected to WiFi where ever I go. I was gonna call you tonight but I figured you were sleeping!

Posted by smoke on Feb 19, 09 3:12 am · History

Hey I finally got a charger for my phone so I'll be calling you real soon. :)

Posted by smoke on Feb 15, 09 6:03 pm · History

oh well I haven't seen you around. How are you?

Posted by smoke on Feb 7, 09 7:16 am · History

Holly? Where are you? :cry:

Posted by smoke on Feb 3, 09 3:40 pm · History

Haha, I thought you were still there since your metro says Albany. Back in NC, then?

Posted by tokyo-rose on Jan 22, 09 10:45 am · History

I've been pretty good... Busy I have finals next week :(

Posted by IVIike on Jan 19, 09 12:17 pm · History

Holly, how long have you been in NY? :o

Posted by tokyo-rose on Jan 17, 09 12:40 am · History

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